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About Us

Kim Ackerman, Owner & Contributor


Hi, I’m Kim and I’d like to welcome you to my Kubby! Where all things come together!

My vision for this site is to give you recipe ideas, helpful hints, reviews on products that have worked for me, creative ideas from myself and my contributors and also a web store, where you can find fun, and useful products.

A little about myself, I’m a daughter, wife, mom to four, grandma, auntie, friend and mom to three crazy labs and one cat.  I live in Southern California, transplanted from the east coast over 25 years ago.

I’m a stay at home mom. I am the taxi driver and day care for my adorable granddaughter. I sell awesome Avon products, Legging Army clothing, City Girl Prepper backpacks, and Kats coffees and more.

Hobbies?  Well, I usually start my day with a workout, something to get moving.  Sometimes an early evening swim instead of a morning workout.   Doing things with my granddaughter.  Volunteering at her school.    Many weekends you can find my friends and I having a barbeque or “pot luck” fun time at my house and cooling off in the pool if the weather permits (which in Southern Cali, it usually does) I can get lost browsing the internet and learning new things.  Love to avoid the stores and shop on line. Will be sharing some of my favs with you soon.

Take a look in my webstore. If you don’t see a product, ask me and I’ll get it there!

Hope you like my site…it’s a work in progress and more things will be added daily!



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