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Depression is not for the weak!

Depression, this one word, can cause so much destruction in your life.  Sadly, Depression is very common and sometimes a very serious condition. It can lead to so many problems and can cause you not to be able to function at home or work, or anywhere for that matter. It can be extremely debilitating and isolating.

Symptoms of Depression can include; Feelings of sadness or despair, Loss of appetite/weight, being tired or having trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating even on the simplest of tasks and the big one, feelings of your life not worth living, or in the very worst, the very depressed person contemplates suicide.

There are some medical conditions that can mimic the symptoms of Depression (such as a vitamin deficiency, thyroid issues, possible tumor, etc.) so, you should always be examined by a medical professional for an appropriate diagnosis. Usually, in order for a diagnosis of Depression, symptoms need to be present for at least two weeks.

I struggle with depression. Sometimes it’s very bad and sometimes not so much. Over the last few months, family issues have literally crushed me. You truly cannot understand certain situations unless they happen to you. People say, “I get it”, “I know how you feel”, etc. But in reality, they do not and you hope they never do.  Because you’d never want anyone to feel what you’re feeling. However, don’t reject a caring friend, because they are coming from a place of love. You need love and support during these times because you will feel so alone.

There are many medications for depression, so find a health professional who can best guide you if that is the route you need to follow.  There is zero shame in needing medication. I am one of the unmedicatable ones. That was the term my doctor used when I would get the side effects that no one does. It’s very frustrating to be that person.  The CBD I use helps somewhat. It helps me to focus a little better than I would in a depressive state. It’s not a magic bullet though.  For me, the depression is always there hiding in the background, ready to pop out at any given moment and I will just cry. That is what I did this morning. Sometimes it’s so draining.

The only words of wisdom I can give is to get help from a professional if you can. You can even do therapy online these days. You don’t even have to leave home. Stay busy with projects, go for a walk in the sun, write things down in a journal.  As hard as it is, when you wake up, name something you’re thankful for.  Anything…a home, warm bed, coffee, whatever you are thankful for in that moment. Gratitude helps. When you have depression, you feel as though you have no one and nothing, and that is rarely true. It’s the Depression talking. If you sit idle, or I should say, when I sit idle, it’s way worse.

As always, if you feel like you are losing control, please call for help





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