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Ankle Biter Mosquito

Posted on Aug 26, 2020

Unlike the normal big flying mosquitoes that come out at night, (that you can see) these things bite during the day and you rarely see them!

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Depression is not for the weak!

Posted on Mar 10, 2024

Depression, this one word, can cause so much destruction in your life.  Sadly, Depression is very common and sometimes a very serious condition. It can lead to so many problems...

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Essential Oils….They are essential!

Posted on Jun 27, 2018

Submitted by: Kimmie I’ve dabbled in Essential oils here and there for quite a while now, but never really researched or was consistent in using any. I’m finding more...

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CBD Have you tried it?

Posted on May 31, 2018

Submitted by: Kimmie Have you heard the buzz about CBD?  It’s not something new, but it’s getting a lot of attention with doctors now limiting pain meds to...

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Protein Bars….Healthy or Not?

Posted on Aug 23, 2017

What I have found when looking is that “healthy”, does not always mean healthy at all and “great taste”, well, some of these things taste like cardboard.

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Beachbody Country Heat Workout

Posted on Mar 30, 2017

The steps are really easy to follow. After the breakdown you can move on to the routine. You have a choice as to whether to keep the music down and listen to the coach, or crank the music up.

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Tasha-Ann’s Journey to Health and Wellness

Posted on Feb 8, 2017

I have suffered for more than 20 years at that point and had no idea why. As I had gotten older, the pain worsened. I really thought it was age but It turned out to be much more than that.

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A little rash, bite, or could it be Lyme Disease?

Posted on Apr 10, 2016

Spring has sprung and that means more ticks. More ticks could mean Lyme Disease!

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Posted on Jan 30, 2016

It’s not your grandma’s arthritis!

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Does your treadmill workout have to be boring?

Posted on Jan 29, 2016

That old treadmill can give you a great workout if you let it

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Fitbit Charge HR

Posted on Jan 9, 2016

Trying to reach that 10,000 steps by the end of the day is pretty challenging and funny sometimes!

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