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Hands On Wellness Center

If you’ve got back problems, or just need a relaxing massage, I’ve got a place for you!   Hands On Wellness Center, located on LaPalma Ave in Anaheim Hills is the best!   Dr. Trista Shelton is the owner.  She’s a bubbly, happy, professional, who wants to help you get out of pain.   It’s a beautiful, relaxing office, with several exam and several massage rooms.  There are a few massage therapist, an acupuncturist, fitness coaching and more.  You can get more information from their website at www.

I was referred to Dr. Shelton by one of my best friends and contributor to this site (Sharon).  She had gone there with her daughter and highly recommended it.  My first visit was with Dr. Shelton, about a year ago.  She took notes, she asked if she could take x-rays, but I was not pushed into them.  After a few visits it was clear I was going to need an Orthopedic consult and she gave me the name of the doctor that fixed her knee.  She offered to order the MRI for me so I wouldn’t have to wait to see the Ortho doctor and get the order and go back for the results.  She’s very accommodating and always willing to help.

During my visit last week, I got to meet a new employee, Dr. J.  He was terrific.  My son came with me as well and he adjusted him first.   Then when it got to me, I told him that my neurologist said that it might not be a good idea to adjust my neck because of my major bad disk there.  He talked to me a bit and told me that it was fine if I didn’t want to do my neck but it would feel better to get some movement in there and he could do a gentle adjustment.  I gave in and it was perfectly fine.  I felt great!

I have had a few massages there.  Candace and Monica are terrific.  They ask specifically what is hurting and what kind of pressure you would like.  Very relaxing environment.

If you have back problems or would just like a great massage, this is the place to go.  They have rainy day discounts for massages on Tuesdays.  They have student discounts for office visits.   They give gifts for referrals.   All around a great place!  Check out their website!



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