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Protein Bars….Healthy or Not?

Posted on Aug 23, 2017

What I have found when looking is that “healthy”, does not always mean healthy at all and “great taste”, well, some of these things taste like cardboard.

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Beachbody Country Heat Workout

Posted on Mar 30, 2017

The steps are really easy to follow. After the breakdown you can move on to the routine. You have a choice as to whether to keep the music down and listen to the coach, or crank the music up.

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Tasha-Ann’s Journey to Health and Wellness

Posted on Feb 8, 2017

I have suffered for more than 20 years at that point and had no idea why. As I had gotten older, the pain worsened. I really thought it was age but It turned out to be much more than that.

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A little rash, bite, or could it be Lyme Disease?

Posted on Apr 10, 2016

Spring has sprung and that means more ticks. More ticks could mean Lyme Disease!

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Posted on Jan 30, 2016

It’s not your grandma’s arthritis!

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Does your treadmill workout have to be boring?

Posted on Jan 29, 2016

That old treadmill can give you a great workout if you let it

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Fitbit Charge HR

Posted on Jan 9, 2016

Trying to reach that 10,000 steps by the end of the day is pretty challenging and funny sometimes!

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Meditation for Stress Relief and Healing

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Meditation is a great stress buster and may even provide healing, but how easy is it?

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Two of my favorite supplements

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for a natural way to better health. I realize that I don’t always eat right and it’s really hard to get the essentials you need on a daily basis, from your diet.

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Daily supplements for inflammation?

Posted on Aug 17, 2015

Do supplements work? The jury is still out.

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Favorite daily workout?

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Is there such a thing? I find there are bubbly, happy people who jump out of bed and just can’t wait to work out. Then there are those of us that work out from necessity,...

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